For the hamony of  our society,I write this post in English.

One of my post in was deleted a few hours ago.I know why,and everybody knows that.

Averagely,the Big BOSS make one post deleted in per week.

let me speak one word to the big brother,FUCK!

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  1. Let’s continue our comments in English~~~~

    艹,“Your comment message must contain at least one chinese word!”……囧囧……

  2. LOL.. It’s my first time posting here.. ‘cuz this article made me rofl..

    Indeed, the diction here is perfect: “harmony”, the exact word representing what we want to say. LOL..

    Sympathies about the blogs being deleted. 可能吧 has many awesome articles.

    But why don’t you try to make a few GIF pictures, and represent not-very-harmonious words with them?

      • well, i guess using unicode replacements are not friendly to search engines either.. (e.g. replace the-word-we-all-know with the new word “河蟹”.)

        my point here is, only insert pictures to replace certain words, instead of the entire article.

        just like few people would search the keyword “河蟹”, a picture representing only the sensitive words won’t hurt too much (i guess). meanwhile, it improves the readability to some extent.

        (just a superficial thought.. i enjoy reading your blog, and i’ve been a subscriber since …, well, i can’t remember the year, it has been quite a while, LOL)

  3. Your comment message must contain at least one chinese word! ……额滴神……be calm is important

  4. so next time could you please send an email about your 可能被河蟹的article to me? cuz i don,t wanna miss any funny article
    凡是被广电总局禁播的节目在网上的搜索量反而会激增,估计你的有些文章也可以符合这个理论 不如email 群发啦

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